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September 16th, 2007

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02:32 am - Booshfic (G)
I wrote this by accident in five min.

Not proper fic.

glynnis said this:
Vince had hurt him deep down, where he's soft like a woman

So I wrote this:


"No, Vince, don't touch me there! Not near my pancreas! You don't know about my deep dark secret... " *Howard blushes*


"Yes, Vince. My pancreas, it's soft - so soft! Soft as a woman's." *Howard bows his head* "On the very day he discovered it, my father cast me out, into the cold, icy darkness of an Leeds skating rink."

"You mean...?"

"Yes! He took me home after the skating lesson was finished, though. Oh, but the shame! The shame of having a womanly pancreas!"

"It's alright, Howard. No one need know." *Vince touches Howard's arm*

"What? Come off it! You kidding? What about this sign you make me wear every time we go out?" *Howard points to sign round his neck reading 'MY PANCREAS IS UNBEARABLY WOMANLY'*

"I didn't know you minded! You never said before - how was I to know something like that? Right, okay. Seeing as how it's your birthday, you can leave the sign in the flat."

"Yeah. Don't do me any favours, Vince."

"Well, what d'you fancy doing bout it, then?"

*Howard eyes up Vince's midriff* "If you were that bothered, you could always lend me yours..."

"Yeah, right! No way! Get your thieving peepers off me pancreas!" *Vince draws his fluffy stole about him* "Cheeky sod! And after I just had it re-glittered and everything!"


But goddamn it, first writing I've posted in weeks! Going to post it anyway.
Current Mood: [mood icon] hopeful

(Indulge your wild theories here)


Date:September 16th, 2007 04:45 pm (UTC)

LOL "fluffy stole". :D

argh at my blurry icon...that's if it is blurry?

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