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October 22nd, 2007

[info]accio_arse03:57 am - New Boosh interviews
In the runup to Series 3 of The Mighty Boosh, there are two new Boosh interviews in magazines up at [info]themightyboosh

One from Disorder Magazine, posted by LB
One from The Observer, posted by me

Did anyone see that the BBC has just announced a whole raft of cuts? And specifically to BBC3?

From the above newslink on the BBC:

Remember that it is not the channels themselves that cost money, it is the programmes that are made specifically for them.

What will happen is that there will be budget cuts, so BBC Three will have £10m a year less. And there will be less originated for these channels.

Well, I'm not surprised, since most of the stuff they put on BBC3 is complete tat ('Help Me Anthea, I'm Infested'? - give me a break!). What are The Boosh doing there anyway? Most of the new comedy is on BBC4 nowadays, isn't it? Like Screenwipe and Flight of the Conchords? (Oh, apparently BBC3 is the 'youth-oriented' digital channel)

I'm guessing The Boosh have a special mate on BBC3 who fights their case/the case of people from Baby Cow, their production company. But they've often said how much they hate BBC3 so I'm guessing it's a far from easy relationship.

From the Observer interview:

I ask how the rest of filming went. Fielding pulls a face: 'It was atrocious.' Barratt smiles benevolently at his partner: 'It was good but it was hard, the hardest yet. Although it was the third series, there was no more money. We seem to have stretched goodwill from the crew to breaking point.' Fielding hugs his battered doctor's bag to his chest: 'Until you get ratings, the BBC doesn't understand. They came to see us live last winter, saw everyone screaming and said: "It's like the Beatles. It's amazing! You're getting less money!" The fact is, we will never be as big as Little Britain. Having said all this, the BBC never interferes, which is something.'

So money with the BBC is still an issue, even though they're more successful every time. And they're not getting very good BBC ratings, comparatively. That seems strange to me, since their tour was sellout and so many people I know are really into The Boosh TV series - but then again, many other people I know didn't take to it at all. I think The Boosh is never going to be a easy ratings puller. You tend to either really be into it or not.

Anyway, that sounds like pretty bad news for the Boosh on BBC3. I don't think they're even one of the highest rating programmes on that channel, or even have won the most awards. (That goes to Little Britain and Nighty Night) I hope they at least get enough funding to have Series 3 properly advertised and promoted. I'm not at all hopeful for a fourth series with the BBC.

Okay, enough with the depressing stuff.


That Observer interview was so cute. Both Julian and Noel asserted that it was the other one that was the sexiest. Also they said that it was the other one that was the funniest. My God, how much do they love each other? That completely explains all those little glances of adoration they send at each other. They're just thinking, "HEY, YOU ARE SO SEXY! PLUS, YOU ARE A COMEDY GENIUS!" And then they just generally worship each other mutually.

They've known each other for decades, yet their behaviour just seems to intensify. Cute doesn't even describe it.

Who's the funniest?

Julian: Noel. Although I think he finds me quite funny. He likes to make people laugh; I do too, but I'm also quite happy to make people uncomfortable. I've done interviews in the past where apparently I didn't give the journalist any eye contact. I'm a bit shy, yes. I've thought about refusing to do any press at all. All those questions you were asking us earlier... I felt slightly thwarted and crushed by this weight of having to be funny because I'm a comedian. Fielding does it much better; he rises to it.

Him. Physically and on a basic level, he's funnier.

Who's the sexiest?


[Laughs] Julian. I hope I'm sexy, too...

Then Barratt lies down in the shade, talking on the phone. Fielding takes a photo of him on his own mobile. Because Barratt is at that point wearing black shorts, Birkenstocks, a stripy red and blue T-shirt and an open checked shirt - and who wouldn't want a picture of that? The Barratt legs in just an itty pair of shorts - yum.

Also - Daddy Barratt:

when I comment on his new haircut, he says bashfully: 'My girlfriend did it last night.' When asked about his new young family, he says: 'It's a whole new thing for me. Something changes inside...' He starts squirming. 'I don't know if I want to talk about it publicly.

Seriously. I don't think that man can get any more adorable.

At one point, Julian seemed to think that Noel's a girl. Or at least that's what he stated in the 'tell four true things' question. Hmmm. That probably sets a whole pile of strange questions off in my head, Mr Barratt. As in, you really believe that, or do you just tell yourself that in the small hours of the night? Thinking that makes it okay? Hmmm?

(Note: they both have girlfriends, and are pretty much straight by my nearest reckoning.)

Noel's been talking about his girl-ness for years now, come to think of it.

More adorable Julian moments:

I don't know that I've ever really been rock'n'roll. I like the countryside. I like chopping wood. I'd like to be a carpenter...

'It's a cycle,' adds Barratt. 'Slog, focus, panic. You work hard as hell and suddenly it gets you down. It all appears very trivial and you start thinking that perhaps you should be helping people instead, being less egocentric.'

. 'There's a kind of imaginary Venn diagram of our interests: we have a very shared middle ground that's a lot to do with comedy and music and visual language. Noel then does his own thing, hanging out with the latest band. I'm always initially very cynical: who are these people, they look ridiculous.' Fielding smiles and Barratt continues. 'Usually I end up getting on with them quite well.'

Venn diagram cuteness!

Back on set, Julian Barratt appears in blue shorts, grey T-shirt, black flip-flops. He looks terrifying: from the shoulders up he has morphed into a fox. With the help of yellow contact lenses, a false beard, nose and teeth, he has taken on the demeanour of a feral animal.... Barratt sits slumped on the ground, leaning against a car. False teeth in hand, he looks less wild animal, more exhausted new father. 'Oh God,' he says, trying to summon up some energy. 'We didn't get the chance to talk... sorry.'

The animal within. Is very tired.

Noel: Julian... He's like a teacher; he reads dry books, smokes a pipe and wears corduroy. He's the most neurotic person I've met apart from my girlfriend.

Interviewer: Tell me five things about Julian, four of them true.

Noel: Julian wants to make a film. He's a father. He's often funny but doesn't know why. He's obsessed with logic, which he often uses to portray absurdity. He's made of coins.


Julian seems to be incredibly sexy as well as funny without seeming to quite know why. How can he not notice his ridiculous gorgeousness? All part of his charm, I suppose.

Third thing:

I really have to get a move on with my Howard/Old Gregg fic, or else the whole plot will rendered be out of date by Series 3 AND MY FIC USELESSLY ANNOYING. I've been writing/editing solidly for 5 hours a day recently, trying to get it finally online. I split it into 6 parts instead of 3, hoping that would help at least get the first few bits up.

Picture just for me of Series 3 Old Gregg:

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