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November 3rd, 2007

[info]accio_arse06:50 am - BOOSH SERIES 3: Yet more pics
Under the cut, about 20 images

From the BBC3 site

From Loaded magazine, scans courtesy of planetbanjo (LizardButt)

OMG the Crack Fox!

Better shot of the Nabootique

Noel sings with the Towers of London in one episode (looks like the same as the Numan one).
Photos from the Tower's webpage:

Battle of the silly hair.

And there's a bus involved:
LOLz curly shoes!

Shots of Julian getting a full head latex thingy, courtesy of Dave Brown, the mighty photographer:

I love the bald look

I missed this one last time. Julian getting his eyes tested? Again by Dave Brown, don't know when from. Series One?

More later.

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