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November 9th, 2007

[info]accio_arse11:40 am - BOOSH: Screencaps, cheese trailer and EELS

Firstly, lovely big screencaps from the cheese-sniffing trailer, courtesy Sir Didymus from the Boosh Forum:

Others (and I apologise in advance if I haven't credited your screencaps correctly. I've been lifting these from all over the place. Comment if you want me to credit you, please.)


OMG, where to start? How about with a little kiss?


Or with Rich, as possibly the most convincing woman ever. (Seriously, I think she lives round the corner from me. I see her at the corner shop in her slippers.)

Susan, Queen of the Boosh Forum in the background here, screencapped by evilduck I think (sorry if I'm getting this all wrong)

Midnight Cowboy, the filthy prostitute Howard, after the lovely Eleanour has been at him.

Howard doing his dance with Elsie Eel

Is it just me, or was anyone else reminded of Squidward Tentacles, when he puts on his leotard and does his interpretative dancing?

I know some people (including me) are going to want a better screencap of these nipples:

Not to mention this lotion rubbing/knee combo:

Bollo in shorts!

Big musical finale

Perhaps the single best moment - Victorian Vince, scratching it up on the phonograph.

Someone on the Forum pointed out that Vince here has a striking resemblance to Moon Base Girl out of UFO

And to finish off, nothing better than a faceful of Cockney urine.

Also: courtesy the Boosh Forum.

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12th november. colin murray: in the company of. 10.30pm
15th november. Freshly Squeezed. 7:00am - 7:30am Channel 4
15th November. Jo Whiley. 10am - 12:45pm Radio 1
15th november. Never Mind the Buzzcocks Noel guest captain BBC 2 21:00 to 21:30
15th november. first over air episode of series 3. bbc 3. 10.30
16th november. Transmission with Boosh (& Babyshambles)11.30pm on Channel 4
17th november. vic reeves radio show special guests noel fielding and bob mortimer. Radio 2. 1pm

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