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November 9th, 2007

[info]accio_arse01:58 pm - PICSPAM: Julian Barratt
Julian Barratt in that shiny red popper shirt. Oh, and there may have been others, but my eye is DRAWN.

Transmission DJ set, 10 Oct 2007. From flickr here.

Short back and sides, and CONCENTRATION

Just damn beautiful. This gives me pleasure, alright?

Oh God, hands.

Doing a little dance routine to 'gay bar'

Rich is happy beyond belief

The crowd

Some guy from the Charlatans. I don't know, I don't care, I'm mesmerised by the shiny shirt.

I still find myself a bit embarrassing. Silly fangirl.

This scanned by marjoriekeek on the Boosh Forum. From Mojo Magazine.

From a Welsh article.

Noel and Julian discuss Harry Potter films:

"I think the climate might be right for a Boosh film," says Julian. "Harry Potter has proved that kids and adults love magic and fantastical stuff. We have a shaman, a wizard, you know, so it wouldn’t be laboured to get the magic in the plot. It could be like a ’Bill and Ted’ thing with Howard and Vince, and then they can go off on an adventure, or we could use other characters like Rudy and Spider for a psychedelic western film. We’ve got lots of ideas for it, but it would be very different to Harry Potter," he concludes.

"That’s good because Harry Potter’s a pile of s***," counters Noel, laughing. "Actually, it’s not, and I don’t mean that, it’s just not my thing. I do think it’s pretty obvious, though, all unicorns and witches. We all know about unicorns and witches. Why aren’t there new monsters in it? If we have a monster we’ll make him like new rave or something like that. Put some new things in there, neon clothes, whatever. We just want to make things modern and fresh."

That is JUST what I've been thinking! Although, I dunno, with a film - they have to be horribly literal, don't they? Even more than a TV series? It's inherent in the modern medium. I think they might find the magical, unreal element starts to jar when they scale it up. The League of Gentlemen film had that problem.

Also during the interview:

While sat outside the cafe, several groups of fans approach for autographs and a chat, as do professional photographers. "I told him we were doing an interview, why didn’t he leave us alone?" asks Julian after one particularly persistent snapper’s interruption, as if unaware of his own fame.

Oh dear. I think he's going to have a lot more of that to come.

Okay: last, last thing. Zoe Ball was asked for Heat magazine who she fancied, and she said:

(pic found by lovesmychemicalromance)

*sigh* So true.

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