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November 13th, 2007

[info]accio_arse11:17 pm - BOOSH: picspam, Melbourne 2001
Following the appearance on YouTube of an Arctic Boosh show in Melbourne, 2001, in my usual nerdy way, I decided to make some screencaps of Noel and Julian's extraordinary beauty (with emphasis on the bit where Julian pretends to be a pig.)

Julian and Noel backstage, already sporting their wildly different approaches to haircare.

Oh, to heck with it. Let's just start instead with Julian pretending to be a pig. Yes!

...a big, greasy lady pig. I'm bristling with nipples! (He indicates the positions of the nipples with his fingers).

And you are all my tiny piglet children - come on, me beauties!

Clamp onto me teats!

Clamp on!


For ages, the only image I saw of this show was like this, but more blurry and small:

In fact, Noel and Julian seem to be joined most of the time, mostly by way of Julian. Evidence:

Julian kind of uses Noel as a shield.

Even while touching his own bum.

And other parts.

Here, Julian's saying, "I'm a good boy," his mouth round on the 'o'. Yes, you are. Good boy.

Or perhaps not, because there's a bit where Julian shoves Noel around.

Noel goes, "Don't push me!" and quite right too.

But they still end up walking off, hand in hand. Awww!


Also: have you seen these other fine posts?
- Fantastic 'Eels' picspam by lindsay, with lots of quotes
- Old Gregg say the phrase soundboard

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