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November 15th, 2007

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10:12 pm
Boosh radio interview links from this week

1. Jo Whiley R1 Thur
2. Colin Murray R1 Thur
3. Alex Zane Xfm Thur
4. BBC6 Tue
5. Jason Manford - Xfm Manchester

From interview No 5:

Interviewer: John has just texted me saying - will Bob Fossil and Vince ever get it on?
Julian: Hmm.
Noel: (laughs) No. That's going to be a bad situation if we do. I'll ruin the chemistry, our comic chemistry.
Interviewer: Would it be a bit a bit awkward on set?
Noel: Yeah, we wouldn't be able to look at each other. (pause) Actually, we have got it on. He's here holding my hand now. We're very much in love.

Boosh love ♥

All links only up a week. Hurry, hurry!

1. Jo Whiley R1 - live music session from the Boosh
Upload this interview courtesy allanah from the Boosh Forum.
Video of them in the live lounge on youtube.

2. Colin Murray R1 - interview plus documentary

3. Alex Zane Xfm
Click on the Listen Again tab - 'breakfast show' last 7 days - 15/11/07 (I can't get it to work yet, perhaps you can? It just keeps repeating the first 2 seconds of the programme.)
Available to download in a podcast

4. BBC6 breakfast show - Shaun Keaveny
Interview with Noel alone. Also video of Noel drawing a picture on the site, listen again on the menu on the right. A 3 hour programme, the Noel interview is in the last hour, starts about 2.05.

5. Jason Manford - Xfm Manchester (telephone interview)
Upload link here courtesy allanah from the Boosh Forum

Anything with an upload link above, I'll have uploaded myself. Ask me if you want it and the links have gone out of date.

(Indulge your wild theories here)


Date:November 15th, 2007 11:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Must listen tonight.

How was the first episode when seen on TV?
[User Picture]
Date:November 16th, 2007 02:31 pm (UTC)
Howard Moon's acting was much better because I could see all his twitching, I'd found it a bit wooden in tiny, especially in the Hitcher scene when I didn't think he wibbled enough. The shaman stag do was even more hilarious. I could see Tony Harrison throw up on his tentacles! Just everything better - apart from that last song. Yeah, I don't really like it. Now it's bigger I like it even less.

Evil duck made some fun icons of it though:

Enough to make your head hurt. :)
Date:November 16th, 2007 05:13 pm (UTC)
Great! You're right--it's really hard to see all the little nuances, especially in tiny Patrick Swayze eyes, on YouTube. I wasn't hugely keen on the last song either; it reminded me of a children's show or something, though I'll have to watch it again to really decide. Definitely not as good as their past songs. The visuals were good though, like Victorian Vince.
Date:December 15th, 2010 07:44 am (UTC)

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