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November 16th, 2007

[info]accio_arse02:32 pm - BOOSH: BBC3 screencaps &more
There was a cute little Flash animation on the BBC homepage, but for some reason other people didn't get it. So I screencapped it, below.

Also: video interview with the Boosh for The London Paper
Plus the London Paper's review of the new series

teaser TV image, courtesy of someone on the Boosh Forum, oops forgot who by

The most recent 'cartoon Boosh' BBC3 animation ended like this....

And started like this...

Other BBC3 promotional Boosh pages (yes, how nerdy am I? I screencapped them all.)

And the header of the BBC comedy email newsletter... how sad I am to have capped this? I was stupidly excited about the new series, okay? Am still.

Pics from their recent BBC Radio 1 interviews. With Colin Murray.

With Jo Whiley

How tired does Julian look in these? Woa.

They're going to 'take over' the next copy of NME, and be on the front cover. Promo image.

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