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January 28th, 2008

[info]accio_arse04:15 pm
No, you're right. Crack Fox. The fox up his crack. It all makes a horrible sense. I think Crack Fox would have been a funnier title too... although perhaps a bit gruesome, because it would have made me think of the needles.

I don't know though. Crack. Fox. Arrgh! It was perfect! Why didn't I see it?

I'll tell you something else - you know when Vince calls Howard a batty crease? I always thought it was just normal Boosh gibberish.

But then I found out that a 'batty boy' was like a bum bandit. So is a 'batty crease' actually your arse crack? Is Vince really calling Howard a big ol' arse crack?

There are layers within layers in the life of Howard Moon, colon explorer. (He'll bum you silly for loose change if you let him.)

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