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December 5th, 2007

[info]accio_arse12:14 pm - Boosh: fanstuff rec roundup
I haven't done one of these in a while, and believe me, I've got a LOT of good stuff bookmarked

Let's start with some animated icons. All of these are amazing and NONE OF THESE ARE BY ME:

By efstan rainfall on the Boosh Forum:

By Caz:

Also this one by Caz:


By Joycie B

Not sure who by:

JUST - WOW! Right?


The talented lanternlights on LJ has done a very stylish vector art Noel Fielding wallpaper, which I liked very much. Have you seen it yet?
Edit: There's one of Julian as well now! And I've already nabbed it for my desktop. Yay!


So Damn Hot by 96 thoughts
Any fanvid which has a middle eight where Noel and Julian dance around like idiots makes me happy. And even though I don't go for Noel, not even slightly (really, is that so hard to believe?), this almost convinced me of his attractiveness, it's that much fun.

I Can't Control Myself, also by 96 thoughts
Howard/Vince and The Troggs (who always sound rather dirrrty to me), with a hilarious end bit where Vince dances to the Pussycat Dolls.

And not a fanfid, but a video of Rich Fulcher doing standup as his 'Eleanor' character:

The video link:
'Eleanor the Tour Whore' - Rich Fulcher, Standup at The Lowdown

Boosh Fanfic

I hardly know where to start, there's been SO MUCH!

Okay, here goes, and these are just a few out of the top of my head.

Boy by justwolf -(NC-17), Howard/Hitcher, watersports (spoilers: Eels)
Woa! Howard goes back to the Hitcher, because although a faceful of Cockney urine was horrible, humiliating and degrading, somehow he finds himself remembering that bad time... Loads of subtle psychological complexities in this, and so well written.

Vince Noir, Vampire Slayer - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four by easilyled - Howard/Vince, rated 16 (but quite tame, really)
Boosh/Buffy crossover. Vince is Buffy, Howard is his Watcher, and there's an evil rapist bunny demon coming to get them. What a fun read, and so neatly done.

In His Hands by rathershy - (NC-17) Nathan Barley - Dan/Jones/Pingu
I already recced this fic and the next on booshslashhaven for its sheer explode-out-the-ears sexiness. Dan and Jones have got the threesome horn and entice poor little Pingu back to their place for some funtime action. You wouldn't believe how grrrr this is.

Coffee, Cigarettes & F*cking by planetbanjo -(NC-17) Nathan Barley - Dan/Jones
This is PURE PR0N. Nothing else. Just furious sex, in a kitchen, bent over the furniture. And how many times have I read this fic? Let's just say I have it well and truly bookmarked. :)

Sweet Transvestite by girlanachronizm - (PG), Howard/Vince
Howard and Vince get drunk together and wish upon a star, but it all goes wrong. Or perhaps not. This is as sweet and sexy as the title promises, and has a wonderfully happy ending. I'm welling up again just reading it.

Pete's Dragon by planetbanjo - (PG?) Dan/Jones, Dan/other
I don't think I recced this one last time, but I should have. It's heartbreaking too. Waring: will very likely make you cry, although you'll enjoy every second. A back story for Dan/Jones, and why in Nathan Barley you see Dan chased for that overdue fine for the Pete's Dragon video.

Max Herbert Doesn't Have a Punctuated Surname by thymeth - (PG), Nathan Barley - Dan/ Max Herbert
And still with Nathan Barley, a fic from probably the most winceworthy moment in the series - Dan's disatrous interview. Seriously, I can't watch it all the way through without hiding behind my hands, it's far too painful. This entirely convincing fic explains why Max was so eager to offer Dan the job in the first place, and as ever, I love thymeth's spare, beautiful, intelligent style.

Okay, and this isn't a fic, but - Screencaps of the T4 Transmission 'we still bum regularly' Interview with humorous commentary by thedarkevilone.
Hee hee! :) That 'deep love' moment, iconised by me:

Last but not least, this picture, by redbull_and_gin on the BooshLOL thread of the fan forum, which I like to think of as an illustration for the classic Booshfic The Chosen One

I'm sure there was other stuff too, but I can't remember it at the moment.

Check out my previous Booshy rec posts here

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