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December 22nd, 2007

[info]accio_arse09:29 am - BOOSH PICSPAM: the belly of the matter
The wonderfully rounded belly of Julian Barratt; sometimes naked, sometimes clothed in wild and patterned fabrics

Mmmm. It certainly seems to invite touch.

Squeezed into a series of colourful little outfits.

Or flashed in all its bare glory.

Worth lingering over.

Celebrating with music.

Even having a little dance.

Or swathed in fine and silky fabrics

Alternatively, it does look fine perched above tiny pink pants

Yeah. I make this look good. *smug*

Or poking out above a pair of incredibly tight black trousers

Warning: Extreme close up!

Woa! Too much closeup! Get it away!

The tummy on holiday. Having a nap.

On the beach.

On the beach again


Pampering it with a bit of jazzercise

Does anyone have that moment when Howard strokes his tummy and proclaims, "Jazzy Fresh"? - I'd really love to have a screencap of that.

Lacing it all into a tight brown corset (with the additional benefit of lifting and perking up the man boobs)

(And the aforementioned manboobs - woa momma! Pinky and Perky!)

Encased in shiny PVC... mmm, nice.

Enhanced by a wide selection of polo necks

And looking amazing in snug brown cardigans

(Note the hint of low slung pink pants peeking out below)

Horizontal lines may be used to cunningly enhance its natural width

As for those sneaky flashes of skin - ooh, saucy!

Yes, jump for joy at the lovely, lovely belly. Wheeeee!

(last three screencaps courtesy afroharold from the Coconut Lodge - thanks!)


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