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January 31st, 2008

[info]accio_arse03:46 pm - Oops
I haven't answered any of my LJ comments for a couple of days and I now have about 40. That's more than I can handle arrgh. I only have the one brain.

So I've just stopped posting to LJ comms (especially BSH). There's too much Booshslash about at the moment, anyway. It's a glut. I'm still writing fic, and posting it here to my own journal, but nowhere else.

Only about three people ever comment here, so I'm kind of safe.

Although I just got a really, really sweet comment on LJ to part 3 of Truly, Madly, Fishy - that they'd just discovered The Boosh, and mine was the first Booshfic they'd ever read. I feel so amazingly honoured when people say that.

(Edit: I just realised I've written/posted SIX(!) fics in the last week and a bit! That's obviously why I haven't had time to keep up with comments.

Fossil Funtime, Oblivious Crimping, Like Putting On A Glove, Completely Normal, one anon to the Boosh kink meme, and one I'm about to post on blue_boosh (I suppose I really should post there, since it's a prompt fic, damn).

Okay, now I understand. Duh! But on the other hand, go me!)

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