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March 2nd, 2008

[info]accio_arse07:00 am - Rec: Booshfic
At last! That didn't take me long, only a couple of months.

I finally figured out how to filter my LJ flist, so I can remain friended to the comm I post my Booshfic to, booshslashhaven, but it doesn't appear on my flist any more so I don't have to get bombarded with the vast quantities of RPS on it.

I feel an incredible sense of relief. To celebrate, I'm going to rec one of my favourite recent Booshfics:

Close your Eyes by thieving_gypsy Locked on BHS, Also on the BSH Archive here
Nathan Barley/Boosh Crossover, Dan Ashcroft/Vince Noir (NC-17)

Why I love it:
It was written for the Boosh kink meme for the prompt: "Vince getting a spanking from Dan Ashcroft." So it's a spanking fic. And yes, that's done well - but that wouldn't be enough for me to rec it. The real reason I went crazy over this was the feeling of backstory that gyspy's managed to create. It crackles off the screen. I'm completely convinced as to why these two characters would meet into the first place, what they are looking from each other, and all the emotions and expectations they're bringing to it.

Although Dan is quite antagonistic and emotionally reserved by the end I'm really feeling for him. There's less of Vince, but in just a few sentences she manages to say so much.

There are bits that are very, very funny, in their dry observation of character. It has the genius line, "Sperms in my HAIR, you tosspot, that is WELL RANCID!" How could you possibly resist? I laughed out loud where I least expected it, often where it was saddest. The atmosphere is wonderfully seedy, and angry and vivid. Brilliant. Yet at the end there's a flare of hope, and it was totally believable as well. I was left completely emotionally satisfied - and it's not often you can say that about a fic.

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