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February 1st, 2009

[info]dark_safari10:47 am
Corking lines:
“Ah, now you’re tempted, aren’t you?” Moustache-man raised his eyebrows. “Ahhh. The luxury feel of jumbo cord on skin. So brown. So nice.”
“Well, seeing as how one of your bollocks still has the imprint of the maker’s name on it, from where he kicked you through the mouth organ and in the nuts….”

“Hey! Show some respect! That’s my Mr Hohner Extreme Note Bender you’re talking about!”

“That’s your left dangler, you mean. Anyway, so Stumpy says no. And, also, he says stay away from him - for the rest of your life, if not longer.”

Love it! I really like how you're building Howard and Ianto into similarly forlorn characters. *moves swiftly on to the next part*

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