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March 1st, 2009

[info]accio_arse03:14 am - Happy dream
I'm much happier since I moved to IJ. This is perverse of me, since I regularly go back to LJ. All the comms I post to are on LJ. Most of my f-list remains on LJ. Still, I'm happier.

I just couldn't handle the whole banning-people-for-fanfic wank. It was cowardly, but I ran away. I didn't want to be using a service that did that, to be one more number they could use for marketing purposes. It depressed me thoroughly. IJ is nice, small, and friendly.

I kind of like not getting comments. Is that odd?

I had a dream about Eddie Izzard last night. Here's a pic of him pretty much how he was in my dream.

In case you don't know, Izzard is a British comedian who's also a transvestite. In my dream, he wasn't a man like he actually is, but a lesbian, like he describes himself in his stand up act.

"I'm a male lesbian," he says.

In my teens, that was the way I used to think of myself only in reverse - a gay man, only physically a woman. So I get what he means. Izzard also calls himself an "action transvestite". Good action transvestite outfit in that picture above. (It's an outfit of Uma Therman's from 'The Avengers', a Britflick that Izzard co-starred in).

Anyway, in my dream we kissed "with tongues" as Izzard is so fond of saying. I think he says that about three times per gig. And Izzard was equipped like a woman. In my dream he was, anyway.

The strange part was how normal it felt. I didn't actually realise it was weird until the next day and I was telling people about it and they were going, "Urrrgh! That's so weird! I'm eating here! I don't want to hear any more!" Also, I've never seen that picture until I googled it, but that's how he was in my dream. I've heard him describe the outfit in a radio interview, though.

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