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March 10th, 2009

[info]accio_arse01:16 pm - wot is fanfic?
I was having a discussion with [info]artistsonly about what the difference is between fanfic, soap and more 'literary' fiction. Then I found this Observer interview:

"[A] Belfast writer, Anne Devlin, once made the point that this technique - of seeming to tell one story while actually telling another - is the central function of literary fiction.

It makes the reader reassess what is taking place on the page and so think ethically."

I loved that. 'Seeming to tell one story while actually telling another'. That's the kind of story I like, with layers built in, especially when the seeming story is simple and the underlying story is a lot more complex.

Funny, I keep hearing that the literary metaphor has gone out of fashion. I sincerely hope not. Because what is being described there is metaphor, pure and simple - or at least a lot of subtext.

Also, subtext may be the function of literary fiction but it's certainly not confined there. Sci-fi and fantasy in particular are full of it. After all, you'd hardly call Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or Doctor Who literary, but they're built on endless layers of commentary about our society.

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