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March 16th, 2009

[info]alchemia11:13 am
You know, i've a lot of stuff that holds me back with writing too, but I've never felt seriously held back by this one, I'm not sure why. how much do publishers actually *require* that you travel to do signings, or go to meetings? I always thought that the legal stuff was handled by an agent and/or via mail (even when I freelanced illustrations for a couple local newspapers, they called with the info- i never went to the office except to drop off work (and today, I could have probably emailed it)).

And the signings etc I thought were up to the author? Amd I wrong? I also figured, with the way technology is going, if you can't go to a TV studio for an interview on a show, you could do it remotely (eg: We're talking live via satellite to author accio-arse who is in their home town...). Plus there is the internet- you have readers on your journal, and you could make a separate journal/blog for your author ID, and you could do online interviews (in blog format, in chat format, or video/you-tube...). And I can't remember names, but I know some authors do signings via postal mail (iow, send me your book with return postage and I'll sign it; or I've 50 books here that I signed you can buy through my website (or thru ebay whatever)).

I guess the thing is that its about marketing yourself, and there's more than one way to do that.

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