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March 18th, 2009

[info]dark_safari04:46 am
I would think that a good agent would take you on primarily on the basis of your written work. They'd also handle anything you'd be required to do in terms of publicity and so on.

But I do sympathise with how you must feel. Getting your writing 'out there' is about acceptance, for all writers. As long as you strongly believe in your work being good enough to get published, that will carry you through.

I'm sure I know of some writers who happen to have a physical disability. I'll have more of a think and get back to you by email.

Incidentally, have you checked out ?? I'm not sure if the website is currently active (you have to register to read some of it) but it might be useful...??
You could also try contacting as I'm sure they have given advice to other writers who have a disability, and they may be able to point you towards some useful contacts.

Also, Stephen King writes about disability quite a bit (Misery, Duma Key) and has something to say about it in 'On Writing' - there's a section where he writes about the time he was hit by a car and hospitalised, but he still wrote even though he was in enormous pain. I know it's not quite what you're looking for but I found it inspiring.

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