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March 18th, 2009

[info]accio_arse09:13 am
Thanks for replying.

Yes, I know you can do a lot of stuff online. That's one thing I've been researching, and it cheers me up immensely. I've been entering short story competitions for instance (not the scam ones, the reputable literary ones) and 100% of that is now online. I submit electronically, pay via paypal - all so easy! I don't even have to print out and post (both things that are physically difficult for me, although not impossible).

Online chat, webcams, extensive use of your own website (for instance, having a shop/forum/regular events via it) - all this used not to be possible. I've even seen authors signing books remotely! There's a device called the 'Long Pen' which can do this.

The fact remains that there are overwhelmingly two types of authors that sell today
1) Celebrities
2) Established authors
If you're new and unknown, so don't fit into those two categories, and you won't do normal publicity for whatever reason, what chances are there that publishers will take you on? Rightly so, they will consider you a bad risk.

Publishers don't publish good books, they publish books that sell, just like supermarkets don't sell good food, they sell food that sells.

You're right, though. It's about self-marketing. If all else fails, I can self-publish and self-market quite easily from the internet. Actually, quite a few authors have done their first few books that way recently. It's a way of getting mainstream reviews and establishing yourself. You can send your professional-looking book to the newspapers and they stand with the rest.

Yes. I have a plan! I'm cheered up now! Thanks!

My first book is still resolutely non-commercial though. Oops. The old problem, too much sex!

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