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March 18th, 2009

[info]accio_arse03:32 pm
Oh, I'm definitely going to go for the traditional route before I try self-publishing. I'd be mad to do otherwise. But knowing that self-publishing is an ultimate option makes it a lot easier in my head to push on. Unfortunately, I just assume I'm going to meet prejudice, based on experience from the rest of my life. I'm also lucky enough to have savings from working before I got ill.

I agree with what you say about fanfic, it's increasingly seen as a valid CV/resume item. But, you know, I BLUSH. I value my pseudonymn for my fanfic - hardly any of it isn't NC-17. All the long stories are, the ones I get most hits for.

I would bloody hate being marketed for my disability, unless the book happened to be about that subject. I think what JKR has revealed about her life is valid. Harry is a poor kid who's treated badly because of it by his relatives. That touches on her own time without money. Her depression is covered in the books too, courtesy of the Dementors. Personally, I found it interesting to see the parallels.

I get that Westerners like success stories. But hah, only sometimes. Here in Britain they like kicking anyone who looks like they're having too good a time. I never want to be famous. This is why I'm going to publish under a pseudonymn (and already have).

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