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March 18th, 2009

[info]alchemia04:14 pm
I think honesty in background is ok- iow, yes, she went on welfare to write a book, yes she was depressed. Yes, maybe she learned something from those experiences and it can be seen in the books.

What I don't like is the spinning it for the media- making it look like she fought her way out of poverty... she didn't. She was born to a well to do middle class and didn't have to go on welfare if she didn't want to- she had opportunity and privilege. When the first book was printed, she was already gainfully employed again.

It's sort of like how when i was in high school (in an affluent neighbourhood) it was trendy to "urban plunge" (live like you were homeless for a weekend). Those kids knew the whole time that anytime they wanted to, they could go home, shower and eat. At least none of them claimed to write a book to get them out of the situation!

JKR knew she could go get a well paying middle-class job if welfare life got too tough for her. It's akin to if she had tied her hands behind her back, typed the book out with her toes, and claimed to have overcome the obstacles of her "physical disability", which, oh by the way, she is now "cured" of.

If I could write something as popular as HP, I could get off disability. And If I made just enough with a book to meet my basic needs and thus be self sufficient, it'd be an actual accomplishment. I didn't choose to get on it so that I could write, I don't have a job (well paying or otherwise) waiting for me when I'm done writing. Sorry for the rant. It hits close to home y'know.

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