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April 22nd, 2009

[info]accio_arse07:59 pm - Disabled writers between the pages of the internet
In my last post I talked about how there are a lot less disabled writers around than you would think, seeing as it's such a disabled-friendly medium. And 1 in 5 people in the UK are disabled, folks! Where are they all?

A local writers' magazine has put out the word that it's looking for articles. So I'm going to offer to write them something on this subject and try to put an upbeat, humorous spin on it.

Thanks to everyone who left comments last time (also to those who left comments, thought better of it and then deleted what they wrote. I valued that too!)

So anyone got anything more to say?

For instance, about how the internet has changed the playing field for all writers, not just disabled ones, eg

- on the joy of using the internet for quick research (and the pitfalls of this - oh, Wikipedia!)
- about how the internet makes finding and talking to other writers so easy
- about the helpful beta system which grew out of fanfiction (because feedback in non-internet land seems to be a much more fraught process)
- on blogging, now a profession in itself
- on hosting your own website
- about submitting stories electronically to publishers/competitions
- the scary world of self publishing
- on self marketing via the internet
- on selling via Amazon rather than conventional bookstores - the pros and cons (very pricey, I've heard)
- the thrill of instant feedback from readers on the net (on forums, story archives, journalling sites, webchats, webcams, the 'long pen')

Any more topics spring to mind? Any experiences from anyone? I think I'm going to need some quotes in my article and I'll to phone/email a few people to get them. If you're disabled, it may as well be you!

I also discovered more disabled writers:
Rosemary Sutcliff - a historical writer for children
Firdaus Kanga - an Indian screen writer
Victoria Lucas - a freelance journalist

That's still not exactly hordes, is it?

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