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May 5th, 2009

[info]the_obscure04:18 pm
SO NOT ME. In fact, I totally blame you. My post was "how interesting politics seems to be". Your reply was "angrysex ftw". So there.

Not complaining. Just assigning blame properly.

Your Mail link is fucked, brings back to me. A bit insulting in a way. Anyway, the last line says "officially he wasn't even there". Not that I'm against the narrative of "pet, pet, Gordon, all gonna be okay, let me kiss it better", but probably never happened...

Dominant figure? Are you kidding me? Did I mention handcuffs yet?

"I love you, but I can destroy you" is the Best Line Evah. Should be iconed.

Letter after D.
I want the originals for the ones painted on please. I appreciate your art, self and partner loled, but I want the door one especially.

Some other Letter.
Expect an email.

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