Licking the Salt from the Biscuit of Life - FIC: Snake Porn (NC-17)

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August 3rd, 2007

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11:32 pm - FIC: Snake Porn (NC-17)
Snake Porn, aka, "Childish Sulking", by snegurochka_lee, finished by accio_arse
Pairing: Lupin/Snape
Rating: NC-17, PWP
Warnings: snake sex (bestiality), biting.

And kids, never put animals up your arse. It's just a story.

Its skin was surprisingly warm and soft as it glided over his body.

His heart hammered and his tongue felt too thick for his mouth, parched from the sharp breaths he had been taking through parted lips.

It curved and slid, a beautiful and calming pattern traced down his body, and he allowed himself to recline fully onto his back on the large bed. After all, Harry had promised that the creature would not harm him.

Close your eyes, he told himself, trying desperately to relax as that warm, silky skin swept over his abdomen, down one tensed thigh, then up the other side. Without his sight, he found he could focus entirely on the feel of the creature – the way the tiny scales in its skin created the barest of friction; the way its soft breath raised the hairs on his bare arms and chest; the way the continuous sweeping motion of the long, sinewy body over his own was making his cock harden and beg for touch.

Across his chest now, the creature paused in its movements and seemed to wait for its tail to catch up – dragging the ridged rattle lightly up his thigh, dipping suggestively towards the hollow between his legs before withdrawing again, and Remus could have sworn the creature had avoided touching his aching cock on purpose.

It settled in a coil on his chest and Remus dared to open his eyes.

The snake’s beady eyes were staring right at him, dark and unknowable. Its head swayed gently back and forth, forked tongue flicking out as it tasted Remus’ sweat and arousal hanging in the air. Then, with a loose-boned flick, the animal mounted further up his chest, the warm scales hardly whispering across his skin. He was suddenly nose to fang with Severus’ idea of a living sex toy. It hissed menacingly, tickling its red tongue against his cheek, across one eyelid, up a nostril.

“Harry?” whispered Remus out of the side of his mouth, the deliciously stiffening pulses of blood to his cock starting to falter. Harry stepped out of the shadows and spoke a few words of urgent Parseltongue to the snake, who spat and writhed in return, still only a few dangerous inches from Remus’ face.

Where the hell was Severus, anyway? This was his big plan in the first place. “You say that you love me, Remus? You want to show me how much you love me? Well, as it happens, what I’d really like is to watch a giant snake penetrate your anus, curl tightly around your penis and stimulate you until you ejaculate.” Severus and his strangely arousing mixture of medical terminology and deviancy. “Oh, it’ll be completely safe, Potter can control the snake… if you don’t want to try it, of course, that’s up to you….” Then, of course, putting up with him stomping around the house until he’d agreed to have a six-foot reptile invade his private orifices because, “obviously you didn’t really mean what you’d said, no, go away, I don’t want to talk about it...”.

Remus dared to shift his neck slightly towards Harry, and watched his friend shove his glasses determinedly further up his nose before re-engaging the snake in some angry sissing. Each furious reply sent vibrations through the hot, heavy coils resting on Remus’ chest and the snake’s rattle started to tap, almost deliberately punctuating the conversation, just below the navel, just above where his frightened, almost completely softened penis now lay in its nest of hair. Thanking Merlin that he hadn’t allowed himself to be tied up for real, he started to slowly disentangle his hands from the long black socks that looped around his wrists and the head of the bedstead.

The snake finished its fierce argument with Harry, shaking its flat head silently. Then, suddenly, it attacked. Drawing back and unlooping a few coils to gain greater height, it plunged down towards Remus’ chest, disengaging its jaw as it plummeted.

Remus felt a cold, dragging pain in his left nipple, and craned his chin down in horror to see the snake attached to him, fangs fixed to his flesh. The rest of its length was wriggling in some kind of paroxysm, brushing against that part of him had been aching for touch only a few minutes ago. But it was too late for that now – he just wanted the damn thing off him.

“Harry!” he shouted urgently, this time, “Harry!” And then “Oooh? Aaaaah!” as the fangs dug deeper into his body, and he felt a warm numbness spreading out from his left nipple; a strangely pleasant feeling, especially when it reached the sensitive area by his hip bone that Severus often stroked and nibbled before taking his cock into his warm, skilled mouth. Remus’ buttocks jerked up and a tingle shot between his hip and groin.

The numb feeling had now reached his thighs. His arse muscles relaxed in a pool of heat. As his legs grew hot and wobbly, a prickly sweat broke out behind his knees which sent all the hairs on his body standing on end. His heartbeat resounded in his head and thumped heavily between his legs, each pulse sending his cock stiffer and nudging it higher. A moan escaped him although his lips were pressed firmly closed.

“Remus?” asked Harry, stepping closer, wand in hand, with a small, almost invisible smile twitching at one corner of his mouth.

“S’all righ’, ‘arry,” came the dreamy reply.

The rattlesnake disengaged its fangs. Remus felt nothing, except for the wriggling of the fat, smooth body across his torso as it twisted free and the final, slick detachment of the head, which felt like heartbreak. But that was soon forgotten as the snake moved further south, caressing his chest in long, languorous S-shaped curves on the way. At his now fully erect cock, the snake paused, trailed the wispiest of caresses up and down the fleshy length with its forked tongue shooting lightning-quick out of its mouth, and then turned to look again at Remus in the face with dark, reptile eyes. Then it lifted its rattle and aimed it with a flourish across the tender, bitten left nipple –

“Eeegh!” whimpered Remus, finding that an almost overwhelming feeling had returned rather suddenly where before all was numb. As his nipple was flicked, an inner string sprang to life connecting it to the base of his cock somewhere deep under his balls, tugging at him in brief spasm.

Oh, Merlin… what had that snake done?… hadn’t even touched his cock yet … could feel it building up already… he could feel it near… stupid hands still tied… touch me… please let the snake just touch me…

Remus fumbled dazedly with the bonds at his wrists, then froze as the snake started to slither smoothly down one thigh, catching at the leg hair slightly with each strong contraction of muscles and stroking the skin with each relaxed glide.

No…. don’t go further away…come back to me…

But the snake wasn’t going anywhere. He closed his eyes again and couldn’t help but arch a little off the bed as he felt a exploratory tickle around his pre-oiled hole. During a long, thorough and wet kiss, interspersed with a hundred thanks for agreeing to snake penetration, Severus had applied plenty of lubrication using his wonderfully teasing, patient fingers, only ten minutes ago.

Where was he, anyw…. arrgh! The snake had stopped stroking the sensitive skin around and above his entrance and, with a loud warning rattle, started to push its way inside. He felt a brief, intense burning, almost too much to bear, then sighed as his body relaxed into the shallow, delicious intrusion. Sweat started to gather on his forehead – he felt one drop run down and sizzle into the shell of his ear. Each time the penetration deepened, Remus almost yelled that he couldn’t take the animal’s rattletail ridges as they thrust into his body. He strained his tendons from fingers to toes before his body gave in, but the creature just waited tolerantly, cold and collected, until his body adjusted before proceeding.

I have a snake up my arse! realised Remus suddenly, even through his fug of arousal, and nearly panicked, but as his eyes flicked open he saw Harry’s glasses glinting across the dark of the room, and he relaxed again as the snake began to move inside him. Then his cock, desperate and searching for touch, received their first touch of reptile.

Oh, thank you, finally, finally, thank you!

The snake writhed round and grasped his erection firmly, starting from the base and twisting and spiralling up towards the eager head.

Oh, so good, oh so good, don’t stop, please don’t stop…

A shot of something silvery ran from his cock to his bitten nipple and back again, finished by exploding in the back of his head. Then, the writhing, rattling tail inside him finally connected with his prostrate...

Oh yes, oh yes, urrrggghhh!

…and Remus came in a long, deep series of pumping twists that shot white gloopy strands onto his stomach and far up the bed, only narrowly missing by inches the side of his face pushed convulsively into the pillow.


Remus went limp all over, the snake still in and attached to him.

*****one hour later******

Fully clothed, Remus examined his bitten nipple down his shirt’s neckhole, sighed, and picked up his cup of tea. All the while ignoring Severus, who was seated at the same kitchen table.

“Please, Remus, you enjoyed it, didn’t you?”

No answer.

“Well, really, if you’re going to indulge in childish sulking…” complained Severus.

A pointed, offended glare from Remus, who returned to his tea.

“It’s not like you’re the one who has to bear the consequences, either,” Severus grumbled, crossing his arms and hunching over peevishly. “It’ll be another three weeks before the Polyjuice potion completely wears off. It’s not designed for use with animals. I’m stuck with these scales and idiotic pointy tongue for all that time. And you try finding somewhere to put your long snake’s tail in normal Wizarding robes.”

“I could help you find somewhere to put it,” said Remus with a smirk, the words out of his mouth before he could help it.

Severus’ heavy black eyebrows lifted and his face lightened hopefully. “What does that mean?”

“We’ll see,” said Remus, a dangerous smile appearing from behind his teacup.

There once was a werewolf named Remus
Who wasn’t initally keenest
But Snape he sulked so
That he didn’t say no
To reptiles all wrapped round his penis.

There once was a snake who inserted
His rattlesnake tail where it hurted
But cos it was slick
It soon did the trick
And Remus, he said it was worth it.

There once was a bloke, Harry Potter,
Who said to a snake, oh you rotter!
You’d better not bite
On his tit, on the right!
So it bit on the left, which was hotter.


(Indulge your wild theories here)


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*snicker* I'm going to take the image of a snake-faced Severus seeing to Remus with both tails to work. A true delight to have found this.

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