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May 17th, 2018

01:20 pm
After Doctor Strange used the Eye of Agamotto to save Earth from being overtaken by the Dark Dimension, everything seemed back to normal. But the warnings against manipulating time are coming back to haunt him: "Temporal manipulations create branches in time and unstable dimensional openings." No one realized that time had already branched off. Not until dimensional openings cause people to suddenly and inexplicably arrive in New York City. Those that died before are now coming back to life. Threats of the past can take form again. The bill comes due. Always. And the lives of Earth's mightiest heroes are about to get a lot more complicated...

AVENGERS is a MCU game based in New York City that will explore the entire MCU universe. Destruction will happen. Future movies will be relevant. Currently plotting with IW. First time RPers welcome. Journal Codes available. 18+ only & Rated M for Mature.


Looking for / Most Wanted: Nebula (most requested!), T'Challa, Groot, Frigga, Yondu, Rhodey, Phil Coulson, Maria Hill, Aunt May

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10:23 pm - The Daily Snitch - Friday, May 18, 2018
Joanne K. Rowling – Life and Books:
• J.K. Rowling's "The Tales of Beedle the Bard": first look at UK illustrated edition. (released October 2018)
• J.K. Rowling's "The Tales of Beedle the Bard": Bloomsbury (UK) and Scholastic (US) unveil (the different) covers of the upcoming illustrated editions.

Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
• Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas) stars in 'RED' on London's West End. (review)

Prompt Challenges:
[info]hp_may_madness posted prompts for Day 17 and Day 18.

[info]harrydracompreg posted Whoops... – mod post and apology.

Fandom Recs:
[info]melodyssister recced a James Potter & Severus Snape, James Potter/Lily Evans fic (NC-17 | warnings).
[info]kellychambliss recced a Harry Potter/Severus Snape fic (NC-17).

[info]fangqueen posted a question about the word 'creep' at [info]hp_britglish.

Archive News:
• OTW News: Are You Canadian? OTW Legal Wants Your Stories.

• Quantum Harry Essay: The Devil You Know.
• Rachel posted Going Back to Hogwarts with a “Prisoner of Azkaban” Reread. (MuggleNet)

General Fandom News:
• Build the wizarding world with these LEGO sets.
• Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights feature "trick 'r treat".
• Universal Studios' 'Wizarding World of Harry Potter' to feature three new meals, two new spells and the return of 'The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle" show. (More on the new summer experience.)

• MuggleNet is hosting a Giveaway Celebration of Harry Potter Swag. (US residents only :(, giveaway ends May 25)

Please send your fandom news to the Daily Snitch. Our tumblr hashtag is # dailysnitch.

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03:30 pm - Ads Gone (For Now)
We have gone back through this month's money from our Patreon campaign and have found that the failed payments have gone through and we've pushed past our goal! So I've disabled ads and as long as we continue to keep meeting that number, we'll keep this place ad free!

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07:02 pm - The Daily Snitch: Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
“Harry Potter” Stars Win at BAFTA TV Awards.
New Images Released of Alfred Enoch in the West End Revival of “Red”.
Fiona Shaw to Host Opera Gala Concert.

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child – Actors and Stage:
“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” Wins Big at Outer Critics Circle Awards.

Prompt Challenges:
hpfemships is accepting and posting submissions for their May Event: Marauders Era Ships.
[info]hp_may_madness is currently posting prompts for May Madness 2018 (various pairings and ratings).

[info]femmefest is currently posting for HP Femmefest 2018 (various pairings and ratings).
[info]hp-may-madness is currently posting for May Madness 2018 (various pairings and ratings).
[info]rarepair-shorts is hosting the 2018 Summer Wishlist Event (various pairings and ratings).
[info]daily_deviant posted one Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy fan art (NC-17)) for their spring theme: suspension.
[info]daily_deviant posted one Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy fic (NC-17)) for their spring theme: praise.
[info]hd-fan-fair posted banners for H/D Food Fair 2018.
[info]dramionelove submissions for DramioneLove Mini Fest Round Three (2018) are due today.

Masterlists and Weekly Round-ups:
[info]hp-darkarts posted the HP Horror Fest 2018 - Anonymous Masterlist.
[info]hp-nextgen100 posted a round-up for Prompt 144: Tailor-Made (various pairings and ratings).

Editor's Choice Rec:
Lily and the Giant Squid by artymakeart (fan art, G).

Lily Evans once declared that she would date the Giant Squid over James Potter. She may have been joking, but a squid can pine, can't he? Arty's done quite a few playful drawings featuring Squidy, all of which are completely adorable, and this one with Squidy daydreaming about what could have been is both gorgeous and a little heartbreaking as well.

Fandom Recs:
recced one Hermione Granger/Severus Snape fic (R).
recced one Ron Weasley/Severus Snape fic (M).
JenCala recced six Sirius Black/Remus Lupin fics (various ratings).
Marauders70s recced one Harry Potter & Padfoot art (G).

[info]hd-prophet Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

Archive News:
OTW: This Week in Fandom, Volume 83.

Three Dumbledore Quotes I Didn’t Appreciate When I Was a Kid.
Ludonarrative Dissonance and the New Hogwarts Mystery Game.

General Fandom News:
PotterCast #279: Semiregular.
Appreciation for the Whomping Willow.

All New Harry Potter LEGO Sets Revealed.
New “Harry Potter” Funko Figures Coming This Summer.

Please send your fandom news to the Daily Snitch.

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May 15th, 2018

05:02 am - The Daily Snitch: Monday, May 14, 2018
Follow the Daily Snitch on LJ, DW, IJ, and on tumblr.

Joanne K. Rowling:
• J.K. Rowling “Reading, Writing, Rowling” Episode 10: “Adeel Amini Discusses His Interview with J.K. Rowling in 2008”

Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
Warner Bros. Studio Tour London adds temporary costume exhibit
Happy Birthday, Domhnall Gleeson!
Happy Birthday, Robert Pattinson!
Dumbledore’s Double Passes Away at Age 87
New Photo: Daniel Radcliffe Filming “Guns Akimbo”

Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
“Crimes of Grindelwald” Trailer Nominated for Golden Trailer Award!
‘Harry Potter’ Alumni & ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Stars At Cannes Film Festival This Weekend
Weekly Round-up: ‘Harry Potter’ Actors Reunite at Conventions, Ezra Miller’s Band to Tour U.S. With New Album & More!

HP & The Cursed Child – Actors and Stage:
Noma Dumezweni, Anthony Boyle to be Honored at Theatre World Awards
Jamie Parker Casts a Spell on The Tonight Show
Theater Round-Up: John Tiffany and Sam Clemmett Interviews, Birthday Messages for The Old Vic and More!

Pottermore News
Why We Need Another Pottermore Update

Prompt Challenges:
[info]hp_may_madness: Day 10 Prompts
[info]hp_may_madness: Day 11 Prompts
[info]hp_may_madness: Day 12 Prompts
[info]hp_may_madness: Day 13 prompts
[info]hp_may_madness: Day 14 prompts
[info]hogwarts365: PROMPT 243 - Due on or before 19th MAY

[info]hp_shoreofangst: {Mod-Post:] Submissions are due today!!! (May 10th)
[info]hd_fanart: Artist Sign-ups are still OPEN over at Harry/Draco Big Bang!
[info]one_bad_man: Another week of Bad Men
[info]hp_crossgenfest: 2018 PROMPT LIST
[info]hp_crossgenfest: CLAIMING POST FOR 2018 FEST
[info]slashorific: Claiming is now open
[ profile] The_Rarepair_Channel: Rarepair Bingo

Masterlists and Weekly Round-ups:
[info]snape_potter: Snarry-a-Thon18 Master List
[info]hogwarts365: prompt 242 masterlist.
[info]femmefest: Femmefest Weekly Round-Up: Week 1

Fandom Recs:
[info]melodyssister recced one Severus fic.
[info]kellychambliss recced one Severus art.
[info]themightyflynn recced one Severus/Harry fic.

[info]hp_girlslash: Posting has begun on Femmefest!
[info]sshp_prophet: May 6 - May 12
[info]hd_prophet: May 12, 2017
[info]potterfests: Schedule of Upcoming Events in the Harry Potter Fandom
[info]hd_prophet: Sunday 13th May

Archive News:
OTW: April 2018 Newsletter, Volume 123
[info]themasque: May 10 chat topic of the day: BDSM vs Abuse
[info]themasque: BDSM topic of the day: BDSM and D/s as a Trend
[info]themasque: BDSM topic of the day: Extremes in the lifestyle
[info]themasque: BDSM topic of the day: BDSM Fantasies

“Harry Potter” Quotes Guaranteed to Spice Up Your Mother’s Day Card
For the ‘Harry Potter’ Fandom on U.S. Mother’s Day
Ten Things “Harry Potter” Taught Us About a Mother’s Love
Top Five “Harry Potter” Mothers
The Ultimate Potter Fan Theory Medley
Quantum Harry, the Podcast, Episode 19: Not Playing to Win

General Fandom News:
“Quidditch Through the Ages” Audio CD Available for Preorder

Teacher Appreciation Week: Hufflepuff House
Teacher Appreciation Week: Gryffindor House
Hogwarts Mystery Adds New Content and New Free Energy Source
Eight “Potter” Poems
Living the Wizard Life
Harry Potter Funko sets this summer include new Mystery Minis pieces, Vynl duo, more

[info]daily_snitch: looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta ...) for the Special Edition: Newt Scamander.
[info]bottom_draco: fic search

Community Spotlight:
hptriadsnet - your source for hp polyamorous content.

Please send your fandom news to the Daily Snitch.

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May 10th, 2018

02:49 am - Salem City Game - Adults Only - 20+
no secret remains silenced forever...
  • We give all characters FREE WILL!
    No micro-managing: all actions have consequences and characters will have to face those they have created.

  • We try to imitate RL in game, meaning that some characters DO have more power than others.

    Emphasis put on threads and logs over 'text' and 'e-mail'

  • We offer Bi-Monthly Challenges!

  • We offer both "Classic" characters and "Original" characters!
    Ever wanted to play Crowley, Frankenstien, or Hellboy in a realistic, non-panfandom setting? Here you can!

  • We have a LOT of playable species for you to choose from.
    Humans - Hunters - Vampires - Werewolves - Lycans - Pixies & Fairies - Merfolk - Demons - Angels - Foreign Gods - and much more!

  • We are: Het - Slash - Femme FRIENDLY!
    When God created humanity, men and women both began to destroy the resources Nature had to offer to them. In order to balance the scale, Mother Nature created Supernatural Creatures to predate on those humans. For all that they ruined, her creatures created their own fair share of havoc.

    But now the world is at risk.

    Almost all of the Supernatural community are trapped in Salem by the same bubble that protected them from the nuclear attack humanity sent to destroy them. The balance has been disrupted and now it is up to those stuck in Salem -- humans, hunters, and creatures alike -- must work together to break free and return the world to its natural order.


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    May 8th, 2018

    01:12 am - The Daily Snitch: Monday, May 7, 2018
    Follow the Daily Snitch on LJ, DW, IJ, and on tumblr.

    Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
    Weekly Round-up: Evanna Lynch Supports Save the Asian Elephants, Warwick Davis Celebrates #Maythe4th, Miriam Margolyes Joins Call the Midwife and More!
    Social Media Roundup: Headshots and Haircuts!

    Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
    “SpeakBeasty” Episode 61: “Girl, You a Fantastic Beast”

    HP & The Cursed Child – Actors and Stage:
    'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' wins 6 Outer Critics Circle Awards in theatre
    Theater Round-Up: ‘Cursed Child’ Leads Outer Critics Circle Award Wins, Tony Nominees Appear at Press Junket, Interviews and More!

    Prompt Challenges:
    [info]hp_may_madness: Day 5 Prompts
    [info]hogwarts365: PROMPT 242 - Due on or before May 12
    [info]hp_may_madness: Day 6 Prompts
    [info]hp_may_madness: Day 7 Prompts

    [info]dramionelove: DramioneLove Mini Fest Round Three (2018) - 10 days left until submissions due!
    [info]weasleyjumpers: Claiming Post
    [info]dramione_remix: Claim Confirmations Owl'd
    [info]femmefest: Get ready! It's almost fest time!
    [info]rsfixitfest: Rules and Schedules (The Nitpicky Stuff) (also on tumblr)

    Masterlists and Weekly Round-ups:
    [info]snape_potter: Snarry-A-Thon 18: Week Three Wrap Up
    [info]hogwarts365: Prompt 241 Masterlist - Hogwarts365

    Fandom Recs:
    [info]kellychambliss recced one Snape/McGonagall fic.
    [info]toblass recced one Severus Snape art.
    [info]themightyflynn recced one Rabastan/Severus fic.
    [info]dreamy_dragon73 recced one Severus/Hermione fic.

    [info]potterfests: Coming Up in Potterfests!
    [info]sshp_prophet: SS/HP Prophet - April 29 - May 5
    [info]hd_prophet: Sunday 6th May
    [info]snape_potter: Snarry-a-Thon18 Anonymous Master List

    Archive News:
    AO3: 2018 Election Timeline & Membership Deadline

    Teacher Appreciation Week: Slytherin House
    Arthur Weasley’s Guide to the Muggle World
    How to Travel Like a Wizard
    Red Riding Hood Goes to Hogwarts

    Harry Potter-themed Summer Reading Challenge announced by Scholastic this year

    [info]daily_snitch: looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta ...) for the Special Edition: Newt Scamander.

    Community Spotlight:
    [info]hds_beltane - now posting!

    Please send your fandom news to the Daily Snitch.

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