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May 5th, 2009

09:59 pm - AMAZING Old Gregg/Howard art
Okay, you're about to see something that will make you go ahhhh! And in the best way possible.

It will stagger your eyeballs. It will tingle your senses. It will bring you to that special place - I think you know the one I mean. Yeah, that's it. You got it.

It was drawn by [info]buff_iroh (also known as haydenclone) and [info]elthegeneral in response to an unfinished story of mine but to be honest, I still would be bowled over if I'd come to it out of the blue.

The art is of Howard and Old Gregg getting intimate with each other in hilarious technicolor action.

ART: Can Old Gregg Stay In Yo Baftub, Howard?
Fandom: The Mighty Boosh
Pairing: Howard/Old Gregg
Rating: R?

I've got haydenclone's permission to post this - over 70 pictures of Howard/Old Gregg magnificence.

So brace yourself for some webbed-finger fumbling, Mother-Licker! )

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March 6th, 2009

04:32 am - Fashion!
I discovered a great fashion blog: Hel Looks. It's a picture record of street fashion in Helsinki, Finland, along with nice little stories about where the people got their clothes. I do love to people watch - it's one of my great pleasures in life - and this blog exactly scratches that itch.

One entry in particular caught my eye. Have a look at this man here. Note the dodgy moustache, the smoke-fine hair, the awkward posture, and that though he's wearing a rather nice suit he still has an indefinable trampish air. Yes - I think it's the Finnish Howard Moon! This one's blonde, of course.

I found one more wonderful fashion blog, this one in Belgium. My God, this woman has an incredible sense of style, with such fun and colour. Here she is, on the pink blue whale fashion blog.

:) :) :)

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December 24th, 2007

HAPPY MID WINTER FESTIVAL and to all who sail in her

This lovely little tree-heart handmade by thymeth - THANK YOU thymeth.

thanks for cards from my flisties under the cut - blackcoyote, schemingreader, dark_safari, alchemia, glynnis )

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December 17th, 2007

07:17 pm - ART: Indian screenprint trees
[info]dark_safari got me an amazing book of Indian Prints for Christmas - The Night Life of Trees.

Each image is richly screen printed by hand onto handmade black paper and describes the legend of a tree from the Gond tribe of India. It's impossible to describe how stunning this book is, although some of the stories that go with the trees are a bit amusing after hearing the made-up nonsense Barratt and Hope did in 'The Pod' with funny little animals talking and going on journeys. From 'The Pod':

After Karapote the Monkey had visited Damush, the woman whose legs made barley, he became very tired and he sat down to rest by a stream. As he sat there, Mamote, the divine bird appeared, bearing the gift of a marvellous shirt woven from shining corn. "Why, this is the finest shirt I have ever seen!" said Karapote, and he put it on and instantly fell asleep. When he awoke he found that both his arms had disappeared and in their place were two magnificent rubies. "Who cares that I have no arms - for now I am the richest monkey in the world!"
From the book:

A squirrel sat on a tree, dreaming. How wonderful it would be to become something other than a squirrel! A tree? But then birds would sit on him... An insect perhaps? No, frogs would eat him... Maybe a fish, then! Only to be swallowed by water snakes? No, thought the squirrel. Better remain a squirrel on a tree.
The Serpent Hood Tree

The Nagphani tree seems to bite, for its branches are full of thorns ...a dozen more trees and their stories )

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December 16th, 2007

03:45 am - BOOSH: fic recs and art
First thing: I posted an art for the booshslashhaven Christmas Challenge (Mistletoe). It's here, and it's worksafe.

Next, the Booshfic recs:

1. dangerdangerne has updated her Howard/Vince fic, 'Chinese Whispers'. I am so in love with this fic right now! part one - part two - New Part

Why is it so much fun? Well, it has clueless Howard down pat. Really, I want to mother him silly, only he's not the sort to appreciate it at all. Plus the repartee between Howard and Vince has me laughing into my jumper sleeve with glee. Here's Howard and Vince at a party, with Howard already a little worse for wear:

""Are you insane!" Vince said, looking him over in disbelief. "Where are your trousers? You look like a complete arse!"

"I didn't think you were coming!" Said Howard with a happy, drunken smile on his face.

"And those sandals - Adding insult to injury, that's what you're doing!"

"I don't think being this late is fashionable." Howard said seriously, eyes not quite focusing anymore.

"You can't even begin to school me on what's fashionable, Howard." Vince said.
There's a really slow build between them going on. Oh, heaven. I want it to last forever. Plus a Mrs Gideon side plot. If there's one thing to make me happy, it's Mrs Gideon in Booshfic - probably because she's the only properly developed female character in the Boosh.

2. Another great fic - by cailenbraern Bugger September (Howard/Vince PG), also written for the mistletoe challenge. 'Tis lovely.

Happy happy Booshfic times. Hooray!

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October 27th, 2007

04:05 am - Seduced: Art and sex from antiquity to now
I just got the catalogue from Seduced: Art and sex from antiquity to now, an exhibition at the Barbican at London.

'The bravest and most intelligent exhibition of the year’ – The Guardian

The focus of the exhibition is the depiction of the sexual act. At first I thought there were some strange omissions, until I realised that erotic nudity, representations of fertility, art about pornography or explorations of gender - art about any of these didn't qualify to be included. So it's an unusual mixture.

I scanned in a few of my favourite pictures. Of course, most of them are much too explicit for photobucket, so I've doctored a few images to blot out genitals etc, because they were too much fun not to post.

Enjoy! )
Current Mood: [mood icon] mischievous

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September 23rd, 2007

01:26 am - ART POST: Some of my favourite woodcuts
With art from Shiko Munakata, Linda Clark, Lisa Hooper and Stanley Donwood

About 30 woodcuts )

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