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November 22nd, 2007

05:14 am - BOOSH: Icon post
12 x Series 3 icons plus icons from interviews.

Previews: 1 2 3

more icons )

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November 21st, 2007

06:22 am - Finally, something not about The Boosh
1. I thought news of this was worth spreading around.

If you get a weird complaint that something in your journal is violating copyright, before you react, read this. It could be some devious, imaginative stalker trying to get hold of your details - it's happened to people on LJ already. (I got the heads up from [info]schemingreader)

2. Also recced to me by schemingreader - a really sweet song from Brazil about Stephen Fry's 1995 disappearance.

Por onde andará Stephen Fry
Por onde andará Stephen
Nínguem sabe do seu paradeiro
Nínguem sabe pra onde ele foi pra onde ele vai
Stephen may be feeling all alone
Stephen never do this again
Come back home

Watch/listen to it on youtube here.

3. And have you seen the new photoshoot of Bjork in Dazed and Confused? A splash of crazy colour on an Icelandic lava field. Beautiful!

4. On youtube, an interview with Jessica Hynes from July 2007, in which she says she might be doing some writing with Julia Davis. That would be sooo cool.

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September 3rd, 2007

By thymeth on LJ, originally posted on booshhethaven on LJ

At least I think they're doing it right, anyway... Does it matter?  EVERYBODY HUG! YAYYYYYYY!

And just for my own amusement, lots of photos of ladies, many of them nearly naked, and others of them funny )

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