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March 1st, 2009

03:14 am - Happy dream
I'm much happier since I moved to IJ. This is perverse of me, since I regularly go back to LJ. All the comms I post to are on LJ. Most of my f-list remains on LJ. Still, I'm happier.

I just couldn't handle the whole banning-people-for-fanfic wank. It was cowardly, but I ran away. I didn't want to be using a service that did that, to be one more number they could use for marketing purposes. It depressed me thoroughly. IJ is nice, small, and friendly.

I kind of like not getting comments. Is that odd?

I had a dream about Eddie Izzard last night. picture of Izzard and very slight details )

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October 22nd, 2007

03:57 am - New Boosh interviews
In the runup to Series 3 of The Mighty Boosh, there are two new Boosh interviews in magazines up at [info]themightyboosh

One from Disorder Magazine, posted by LB
One from The Observer, posted by me

Did anyone see that the BBC has just announced a whole raft of cuts? And specifically to BBC3?

serious BBC3 funding discussions and nice interview squee )

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October 2nd, 2007

01:15 am - PICSPAM & ICONS: Saxondale
I've been writing/doing beta for 6-8 hours a day, every day for the last week. Ow, my brain hurts!

So, for a change and for [info]dark_safari, here's some picspam from the BBC TV programme Saxondale starring Steve Coogan. Yeah, any lustful attraction to Coogan is inexplicable to me, but this second series has been very funny. 

Bunnies, Magz and Douglas Bader )

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