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May 1st, 2009

03:18 pm - Luke Skywalker keeps sending me emails
Or not really...

I signed up to a mailing list through a friend of a friend for local events in my city. I don't even go out much but my friend's friend has sunk her savings into this website, and every email address counts, I guess, when going to advertisers.

So there's some charity ball coming up now and I keep getting emails about it - reminding me to get out my vintage frocks, because the theme is recycling. Which is alright I suppose. Except all the emails are signed by Mark Hamill (Hamill is a common name here) so my brain keeps going, "OMG Luke Skywalker wants me to put on a dress and go to the ball with him!"

Five flipping emails I've got so far. And every single time I get that split second step into another dimension. Every single time I believe, just for an instant, that my dreams really have come true and I've fallen through the rabbit hole.

I really am a loopy fruit.

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