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December 24th, 2007

HAPPY MID WINTER FESTIVAL and to all who sail in her

This lovely little tree-heart handmade by thymeth - THANK YOU thymeth.

thanks for cards from my flisties under the cut - blackcoyote, schemingreader, dark_safari, alchemia, glynnis )

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October 27th, 2007

04:05 am - Seduced: Art and sex from antiquity to now
I just got the catalogue from Seduced: Art and sex from antiquity to now, an exhibition at the Barbican at London.

'The bravest and most intelligent exhibition of the year’ – The Guardian

The focus of the exhibition is the depiction of the sexual act. At first I thought there were some strange omissions, until I realised that erotic nudity, representations of fertility, art about pornography or explorations of gender - art about any of these didn't qualify to be included. So it's an unusual mixture.

I scanned in a few of my favourite pictures. Of course, most of them are much too explicit for photobucket, so I've doctored a few images to blot out genitals etc, because they were too much fun not to post.

Enjoy! )
Current Mood: [mood icon] mischievous

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September 24th, 2007

02:54 pm - ART POST: Love and Rockets
[info]schemingreader knows I love the art of Jaime Hernandez and she bought me this:

It is HUGE!  Over 700 pages of the Love and Rocket, Ape Sex and Locas saga. THANK YOU, mi querida!

Underneath the cut here are a few frames I scanned, all from the last third of the book.  And by the way, I had a lot of trouble finding ones without nudity (Photobucket censored me a few weeks ago when I had too much boobage), so alas, no naked ladies, although there is one of a weird pre-sex scene.

Images ahoy )

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