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November 5th, 2010

02:44 pm - Masterlist: MY BOOSH STUFF
My Mighty Boosh fanfics, picspams, essays and icons, plus recs of other people's stuff.

Also, if you're here from LJ, HELLO! You can leave a comment here on IJ while signed in on LJ. Try it! It's easy!


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August 4th, 2007

01:20 am - BOOSHFIC: Mrs Gideon’s First Day at Work (NC-17)
Title: Mrs Gideon’s First Day at Work
Or - Why Mrs Gideon never recognises Howard Moon

Pairing: Howard Moon/Mrs Gideon (with references to Howard /Jack Cooper the fox, Howard/Crusty the crab) and a tiny bit of slash/femslash at the end
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 6,600
Warnings: sex under the influence of drugs (dubious consent), references to Howard’s past relationships with animals (non-explicit)

Crossposted to booshhethaven here.
He wasn’t going to let tawdry allegations of crab fumbling distract him from his goal of jazz trance perfection. )

Disclaimer: And don't fondle or otherwise abuse crabs, foxes, or any other form of wildlife. It’s wrong and you know it. Alright?

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