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October 26th, 2007

09:56 am - 35 Euphenisms for female parts
I was looking forward to the BBC adaptation of Fanny Hill, because that book was the first pornographic literature I ever read and I have fond memories of it.

So far, I'm a bit disappointed. They took out the sex and put in plot. Damn.

So, instead have 35 of the many terms that Cleland used in his novel for the female downstairs parts. Some of them are rather wonderful. Pleasure-thirsty channel, anyone? )

We pornsters often bemoan that the average thesaurus deserts us just when we need it the most. Even [info]pir8fancier had to ask her flist recently for the correct punctuation of blow job - those kinds of terms are just not in the dictionary. Why isn't there a dictionary/thesaurus for erotic writers? It would be so handy. It's not like there's not a lot of us about, or that erotic writing is a new invention.

Ah well. I'm not online so much at the minute. The new series of The Mighty Boosh is due in a few weeks, and I'm busy trying to get my Boosh fanfic done before canon nails it on the head. Back I go to write.
Current Mood: [mood icon] busy

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October 16th, 2007

02:00 pm
I wanted to write today, but my brain is not cooperating yet.


Some rude words but no rude images )

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September 3rd, 2007

By thymeth on LJ, originally posted on booshhethaven on LJ

At least I think they're doing it right, anyway... Does it matter?  EVERYBODY HUG! YAYYYYYYY!

And just for my own amusement, lots of photos of ladies, many of them nearly naked, and others of them funny )

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