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September 13th, 2007

08:13 pm - Magic Realism and The Boosh
Magic realism and The Boosh
(with references to the Harry Potter series)
This all started when glynnis ([info]gloriette80) said to me:

“The Boosh is totally magic realism! I don't know why it never occurred to me before!”

“Wow!” I thought, “cool! And so true!” Closely followed by - “Ummm – but, but come to think of it, I don’t exactly know what magic realism is. So how would I know if that’s true or not?” Good point, right?

All I knew about magic realism is its name (I’m guessing it’s about things that are both magical and realistic at the same time, ten points for me) and that Isabel Allende is supposed to do it (in her spare time, perhaps).

Yeah, so perhaps I should go and find out what I’m talking about before I reply and make a complete arse of myself. Read more... )
Current Mood: [mood icon] accomplished

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