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November 5th, 2010

02:44 pm - Masterlist: MY BOOSH STUFF
My Mighty Boosh fanfics, picspams, essays and icons, plus recs of other people's stuff.

Also, if you're here from LJ, HELLO! You can leave a comment here on IJ while signed in on LJ. Try it! It's easy!


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October 18th, 2009

01:13 pm - Oh dear
I just made a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission, something I never saw myself doing, mostly from sheer laziness.

It was the Daily Mail, of course. Of course, the Mail. An article of such hateful, ridiculous... no, I don't have the words...

What she did was insinuate that the guy from Boyzone had died a "strange and lonely death" as a result of his "dark appetites", his "private vice" - in short, he had died of being gay.

This seriously reeks. As the coroner found, he died of natural causes of a heart condition, unexpectedly and sadly for his family, while on holiday at the time with his husband.

Charlie Brooker said it better than me. Read his very welcome rebuttal article here

The original here, if you can stomach it.
(You'll need these funnies after, to get the taste out)
Comment on AfterElton

And if you want to complain too )

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May 5th, 2009

09:59 pm - AMAZING Old Gregg/Howard art
Okay, you're about to see something that will make you go ahhhh! And in the best way possible.

It will stagger your eyeballs. It will tingle your senses. It will bring you to that special place - I think you know the one I mean. Yeah, that's it. You got it.

It was drawn by [info]buff_iroh (also known as haydenclone) and [info]elthegeneral in response to an unfinished story of mine but to be honest, I still would be bowled over if I'd come to it out of the blue.

The art is of Howard and Old Gregg getting intimate with each other in hilarious technicolor action.

ART: Can Old Gregg Stay In Yo Baftub, Howard?
Fandom: The Mighty Boosh
Pairing: Howard/Old Gregg
Rating: R?

I've got haydenclone's permission to post this - over 70 pictures of Howard/Old Gregg magnificence.

So brace yourself for some webbed-finger fumbling, Mother-Licker! )

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08:01 pm - More Brown/Mandelson
This is all the fault of [info]the_obscure and this post about the joy of Peter Mandelson/Gordon Brown which started it.

The Mail: Gordon Brown threw a tantrum during a TV interview - and had to be soothed by Lord Mandelson...

more, with pictures )

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May 1st, 2009

03:18 pm - Luke Skywalker keeps sending me emails
Or not really...

I signed up to a mailing list through a friend of a friend for local events in my city. I don't even go out much but my friend's friend has sunk her savings into this website, and every email address counts, I guess, when going to advertisers.

So there's some charity ball coming up now and I keep getting emails about it - reminding me to get out my vintage frocks, because the theme is recycling. Which is alright I suppose. Except all the emails are signed by Mark Hamill (Hamill is a common name here) so my brain keeps going, "OMG Luke Skywalker wants me to put on a dress and go to the ball with him!"

Five flipping emails I've got so far. And every single time I get that split second step into another dimension. Every single time I believe, just for an instant, that my dreams really have come true and I've fallen through the rabbit hole.

I really am a loopy fruit.

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April 26th, 2009

08:06 pm - Now this was unexpected
Gordon Brown/Peter Mandelson


more, in pictures )

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April 22nd, 2009

08:32 pm - photos from my garden

click for more flowers )

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07:59 pm - Disabled writers between the pages of the internet
In my last post I talked about how there are a lot less disabled writers around than you would think, seeing as it's such a disabled-friendly medium. And 1 in 5 people in the UK are disabled, folks! Where are they all?

A local writers' magazine has put out the word that it's looking for articles. So I'm going to offer to write them something on this subject and try to put an upbeat, humorous spin on it.

Thanks to everyone who left comments last time (also to those who left comments, thought better of it and then deleted what they wrote. I valued that too!)

So anyone got anything more to say?

For instance, about how the internet has changed the playing field for all writers, not just disabled ones, eg

- on the joy of using the internet for quick research (and the pitfalls of this - oh, Wikipedia!)
- about how the internet makes finding and talking to other writers so easy
- about the helpful beta system which grew out of fanfiction (because feedback in non-internet land seems to be a much more fraught process)
- on blogging, now a profession in itself
- on hosting your own website
- about submitting stories electronically to publishers/competitions
- the scary world of self publishing
- on self marketing via the internet
- on selling via Amazon rather than conventional bookstores - the pros and cons (very pricey, I've heard)
- the thrill of instant feedback from readers on the net (on forums, story archives, journalling sites, webchats, webcams, the 'long pen')

Any more topics spring to mind? Any experiences from anyone? I think I'm going to need some quotes in my article and I'll to phone/email a few people to get them. If you're disabled, it may as well be you!

I also discovered more disabled writers:
Rosemary Sutcliff - a historical writer for children
Firdaus Kanga - an Indian screen writer
Victoria Lucas - a freelance journalist

That's still not exactly hordes, is it?

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March 15th, 2009

02:22 pm - Help?
Does anyone know any disabled/ill authors?

I mean writers who are limited by their illness/disability and so can't do that whole round of publicity - the signings, book festivals, interviews that are grist to the mill to selling books.

I'm not interested in writers that make an issue of disability in their work, that's not what I'm about. Just common or garden writers who happen to be disabled.

It occured to me today that I don't know any writers who were physically disabled when they started writing. I have no role models. There's no one out there. So I just assume that disabled writers don't succeed.

Of course, there are plenty of writers who became infirm after they became famous, at the end of their careers. I could reel you off the names of half a dozen. That's not really the point.

Online, I can post my fanfic and get feedback, which is cool. The internet is disabled-friendly in a way that real life is not.

In the world of paid books, I just assume no one will ever want to publish me. After all, publishing is a tricky enough sector. Why would they choose to take on someone disabled, who would make their life even more difficult? I can't do that publicity thing. I couldn't even make it to their offices for regular meetings.

So although I have several 'books' half-written, I never get round to finishing them like I do my fanfic (well, most of my fanfic - admittedly there are a few of those in progress). Every time I think of finishing them, I never see the point. I try to imagine my story actually in print or sitting in a shop, and my heart goes dead and sad. Real world publishing? Not for the likes of me. Nowadays, I don't even print out my stories. It would be letting myself have false hope.

But fuck that. Fuck letting myself be a passive, helpless, second-class citizen just because I'm ill.

Does anyone know of any disabled writers? It would really cheer me up.

ETA: I got told one writer: Stephen Hawking. And I found one on Wikipedia: J D Beresford, an early writer of science fiction whose daughter invented the Wombles. Read more... )

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March 11th, 2009

08:11 am - Book meme
According to the BBC, the average adult has only read six of the Big Read's top 100 books. How many have you read?

I got this from pickwick on LJ, and since I'm a sucker for lists:Read more... )

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08:01 am - are you abject enough?
From Phillip Pullman on timesonline. (Click for full transcript.)

We want to watch you day and night

We think you are abject enough to feel safe when we watch you...

whoever does not want to be watched must have something shameful to hide

We want you to feel that solitude is frightening and unnatural

We want you to feel that being watched is the natural state of things


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March 10th, 2009

01:16 pm - wot is fanfic?
I was having a discussion with [info]artistsonly about what the difference is between fanfic, soap and more 'literary' fiction. Then I found this Observer interview:

"[A] Belfast writer, Anne Devlin, once made the point that this technique - of seeming to tell one story while actually telling another - is the central function of literary fiction.

It makes the reader reassess what is taking place on the page and so think ethically."

I loved that. 'Seeming to tell one story while actually telling another'. That's the kind of story I like, with layers built in, especially when the seeming story is simple and the underlying story is a lot more complex.

Funny, I keep hearing that the literary metaphor has gone out of fashion. I sincerely hope not. Because what is being described there is metaphor, pure and simple - or at least a lot of subtext.

Also, subtext may be the function of literary fiction but it's certainly not confined there. Sci-fi and fantasy in particular are full of it. After all, you'd hardly call Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or Doctor Who literary, but they're built on endless layers of commentary about our society.

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March 8th, 2009

10:05 am - Malarkey? or Effective way?
More quotes from the self-help book 'How to Good-bye Depression If you constrict anus 100 times everyday. Malarkey? or Effective way?' by Hiroyuki Nishigaki. Because it's just so good.

On the power of positive thinking:

It can be compared to putting the key word (positive thinking and positive self-image) into a personal computer that has fallen into heavy oil, sludge or sewage. You had better take the personal computer from heavy oil, sludge, sewage and wash-repair-make it run on electricity. Then you can put the key word into it and make it work for you.

I don't think that's how most IT professionals would do it, actually... especially after the sewage.

So after you have finished your positive thinking (and have sucessfully wash-repair-made the heavy oil, sludge or sewage from your personal computer):

So, practicing what I have written you had better imagine above-mentioned good feelings. Healthy strong liver gives you the feeling of light spring breeze or of a tree's sprout that can relax and seduce other people.

I see. That's handy. Now I have the feeling of a seductive sprout in my healthy strong liver. Must keep practicing my good feelings and it might grow into a full forest. I could use my liver to seduce whole armies. World peace, here I come!

But wait, there's more. If I'm really lucky, I might start dreaming of the spirit.

The spirit sticks its pipe into your physical body or your aura during your dreaming, too. In such a case, you had better grasp both the tip of the pipe and the pipe during your dreaming if you feel better about the feeling of its tip. You can keep grasping the spirit for longer time than you grasp only its tip. At 3 A.M yesterday I was aware that the tip of the spirit's pipe stuck in my right eye...

A spirit that likes to come at you in your sleep waving its pipe? That sometimes just wants you to grasp the tip, and other times just goes ahead and sticks the whole thing in your most sensitive places? I really don't like the sound of that. Mr Nishigaki seemed to though. He was a very happy man.

This book continues to entertain.

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March 7th, 2009

07:06 am - BEST BOOK EVER
I have discovered perhaps the funniest book in the world. I'm nearly finished it and I've been laughing out loud, painfully, at least three times per page all the way through.

The book isn't even supposed to be funny. It's a genuine self-help book. But I find it irresistable, and on two counts. Firstly, it's translated from Japanese but really badly. They seem to have used an automatic translator so cue bizarre mistakes a-plenty. Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, the author himself appears to be completely certifiable. Mistranslation plus lunacy. It's a fantastic combination.

Not convinced yet? Check out the title:

"How to Good-bye Depression If you constrict anus 100 times everyday. Malarkey? or Effective way?"

I'm really not making that up. That's the genuine title. Go see it on amazon if you don't believe me. And while you're there, why not read the pages of fantastic reviews that have been left by fans of the book? They're pretty funny too.

Okay, time for some quotes from the book. All mistakes in the quotes are intentional. Read more... )

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March 6th, 2009

04:32 am - Fashion!
I discovered a great fashion blog: Hel Looks. It's a picture record of street fashion in Helsinki, Finland, along with nice little stories about where the people got their clothes. I do love to people watch - it's one of my great pleasures in life - and this blog exactly scratches that itch.

One entry in particular caught my eye. Have a look at this man here. Note the dodgy moustache, the smoke-fine hair, the awkward posture, and that though he's wearing a rather nice suit he still has an indefinable trampish air. Yes - I think it's the Finnish Howard Moon! This one's blonde, of course.

I found one more wonderful fashion blog, this one in Belgium. My God, this woman has an incredible sense of style, with such fun and colour. Here she is, on the pink blue whale fashion blog.

:) :) :)

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March 2nd, 2009

07:41 pm - Boosh fanfic recs
I just had a WONDERFUL weekend reading Booshfic and I thought I'd share.

I spent days on the amazing Mint Royale series by thieving_gypsy. There are over 30 chapters now, folks! For the full lot you have to be on her f-list on LJ, but otherwise start here. Howard Moon/Vince Noir (in their roles in the Mint Royale video, as bank robbers) NC-17, much violence

There was a particularly lovely chapter involving ice lollies. Thus my icon. An even better chapter involving a very hot bath. I'm breathless at the memory. This is perfect yet twisted stuff.

Other lovely fic.

Howard Moon/Old Gregg by speth
Finally Got My Hands into Howard Moon NC-17, locked on BSH (you must be joined)
I love anything with Howard/Old Gregg! There really doesn't have to be any other reason for me to read a fic than Old Gregg is in it, having his horrible fishy way with Howard. Especially if it's in explicit detail. Even more so if Howard is all hating the fishy times and enjoying them at the same time. Extra points if it's horribly funny. THIS ONE WINS ON ALL COUNTS.

Vince Noir/Bob Fossil by obeythebunny and pat_o_cake
Are you loathesome tonight?, NC-17, locked on blue_boosh (you must be over 18 and a member)
And oh God, warnings! And I really can't describe this fic except that it's more funny than any fic has a right to be. And if you have a weak stomach, stay away.

Padre/Thornton Reed from 'Garth Merenghi's Darkplace' by toratio
Embrace The Infinite Rated Mature (but not too explict, I think) locked on BSH
I love Darkplace-style, it's so ridiculous. This one gets the mood spot on. And Padre-fic? Yum.

For more Darkplace fics, see thymeth

As always, all my Booshfic favourites from forever are in my LJ memories. I have over a hundred bookmarked.

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March 1st, 2009

03:14 am - Happy dream
I'm much happier since I moved to IJ. This is perverse of me, since I regularly go back to LJ. All the comms I post to are on LJ. Most of my f-list remains on LJ. Still, I'm happier.

I just couldn't handle the whole banning-people-for-fanfic wank. It was cowardly, but I ran away. I didn't want to be using a service that did that, to be one more number they could use for marketing purposes. It depressed me thoroughly. IJ is nice, small, and friendly.

I kind of like not getting comments. Is that odd?

I had a dream about Eddie Izzard last night. picture of Izzard and very slight details )

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February 23rd, 2009

01:54 am - FREE BOOKS!
Just in case you didn't already know....

WANT A FREE BOOK? Project Gutenberg is giving them away, for free!

Grab one now! Grab half a dozen! Can't decide? There's a choice of over 20,000. All are available! More every day!

Here's a selection of the ones I took:Read more... )

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February 6th, 2009

01:13 am - TORCHWOOD/BOOSH FIC (3/4) PG-13
Title: Bongos in the Hub part 3/4
Fandom: Torchwood/Boosh crossover
Author: accio_arse
Rating: PG-13 (More tension than sex really. And sillyness.)
Word Count: this part 4500 PLUS 3 IMAGES (images completely worksafe)
Pairing: Ianto Jones/Howard Moon (Ianto/Capn Jack Harkness, Howard/Vince Noir)
DISCLAIMER: Neither The Boosh nor Torchwood are mine.
Notes: The ‘Guide to Socialising’ pamphlet is adapted from the fantastic Torchwood game on the BBC website, with some inferior photoshopping by me. No disrespect intended.

Part 1 Part 2
Part 3 of 4 )

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January 22nd, 2009

11:18 pm - BOOSH/TORCHWOOD fic (2/4)
Title: Bongos in the Hub part 2/4
Fandom: Torchwood/Boosh crossover
Author: accio_arse
Rating: PG-13 (this part PG)
Word Count: this part 2300
Pairing: Ianto Jones/Howard Moon (Ianto/Capn Jack Harkness, Howard/Vince Noir)
DISCLAIMER: Neither The Boosh nor Torchwood is mine.

Part 1
Part 2 of 4 )

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